Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Donald Rumsfeld resigns as secretary of defence

Or to be more truthful, after losing both houses of Congress in tuesday's midterm election and realizing the prospect of Speaker Pelosi and Majority Leader Reid had become a reality, President Bush decided it was time for Rumsfeld to go. I'd never imagine to see the day Rumsfeld walks out of the oval office with a boot mark on his behind. Bush always seemed to have such a high level of trust and confidence in him, never wavering, never scorning, never doubtful of his abilities. I suppose this can be considered a genuine outreach to the Democrats for a more bipartisan atmosphere. The Donald will be replaced by former director of the CIA Robert Gates, if confirmed by the Senate.

Update to the previous post:
The Montana senate race has been called for Tester (D) which racks the Democratic Senate seat gains to 5. The law says that a recount is possible if the margin is within one quarter of a percent. Montana had 404 084 votes total so 1/4 percent would be 1 010 votes. Tester won the initial count with 2848 votes, so that race is over.

Webb will face a likely recount in Virginia as mentioned before, but the likelyhood of the outcome changing isn't very high. So the Democrats will, if nothing extraordinary happens, take control of the Senate as well with 51-49 seats (technically 50 dems and one independent, Joe Liebermann of Connecticut who lost the primary to Ned Lamont and ran as an independent, but he has announced to realign with the Democrats).

The current House projection is 229 seats for the Democrats and 196 for the Republicans (out of a total of 435), which makes for an impressive 29 seat gain for the dems. 10 races are still undecided and the Republicans will probably win most of these remaining undecided races.

As for the governorships, the Democrats won 28 and the Republicans 21, with one race still being undecided (but likely to go to the Republicans). This would mean a 6 governorship gain for the dems and the loss of the same amount to the GOP.

I'll update this and the previous post at some later time and add some links.


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