Sunday, May 21, 2006

Finland wins the Eurovision song contest, hell freezes over

The monster rock band Lordi provided Finland with it's first Eurovision song contest victory in the 40 years it has participated in the contest. And the meteorological outpost in hell has reported a temperature of -300°C.

I wish I would have had time to write a few comments about Lordi in the weeks before last night's final, because I thought all along that Lordi had the best chance of pulling it off of all the contestants that Finland has sent to Eurovision in the last twenty years or so. Commenting something like this ("I believed in them all along, I just didn't say it") after the fact is not very convincing, and I'm sure there are now thousands of people making the same claim.

Then again, I would have wagered that Lordi makes it into the top 5, not necessarily that they win. But I felt they had a genuine chance of being placed the highest a Finn has ever placed. Not that I've ever really followed the Eurovision all that closely or cared that much, but since the perennial bad standing in the contest has been such a national trauma, this victory probably has some psychological meaning for the collective subconsciousness. Also, its not exactly bad PR for exporting Finnish metal and rock bands.

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